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10 Tips to Reduce Your Android Phone Use

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    Lubna Lukman

Let me share my experience with mobile phones and how it has become a big part of our lives. You see, phones are like the heart of our modern society. We all know they bring tons of good stuff, but there's a flip side too – the not-so-good effects of spending too much time staring at those screens.

So, here's the deal – cutting down on screen time is a game-changer. It's about taking care of different aspects of your life.

When you use your phone for too long, it can give you tired eyes, a sore neck, and aching back. And here's the twist – it messes with your sleep. Spending too much time glued to screens can also make you not so great at talking face-to-face. It's like we forget how to have a meaningful conversation in real life. And when it comes to getting things done, too much screen time can mess with your focus. Your concentration takes a backseat.

Now, let me tell you what I've learned from my own experience in dealing with this:

Install a Minimal Launcher:

Setting up a purpose built distraction free launcher was the first step I took. It makes everything simpler and less distracting. It helped me break free from endless social media scrolling and focus on important stuff like calls and tasks. Let me introduce you to some prominent Minimal Launchers:


LessPhone's digital detox features help to break free from mindless swiping and scrolling through social media. LessPhone prioritizes essential functions like phone calls, directions, and task management. With over a million downloads, LessPhone offers a revolutionary experience to break the addiction cycle and enjoy moments with friends and family, pursue your passions, and live life without constraints.

Before Launcher

Before Launcher is an Android launcher designed to optimize your daily experience by reclaiming your time, fostering creativity, and enhancing focus. It offers a consistently organized home screen that prioritizes essential apps, ensuring easy access to everything you need. Before Launcher Pro has a suite of productivity tools, empowering your smartphone to be powerful and personal while minimizing distractions.

Minimalist Phone Launcher

Minimalist Phone Launcher transforms your phone into a streamlined device, enhancing productivity and concentration through screen time control and app blocking features. This minimalist interface helps you direct your focus on productive apps, hide undesired apps and notifications, and implement a digital detox with features like app blocking and time limits.

Disable Notifications:

Ever feel like your phone is always buzzing with notifications? I sure did. So, I turned them off. Trust me, it's like pressing a peace button on your phone. No more constant distractions. With notifications silenced, I no longer find myself mindlessly reaching for my device, tempted by those incessant alerts. It's a small adjustment, but the impact on my productivity and mental clarity has been significant. It worked wonders for me!

Changing to Greyscale:

Did you know those colourful icons on your phone can be a bit addictive? So, I tried making my screen black and white. It's not as exciting, but it helped me spend less time on social media and games. In my journey, I found that greyscale effectively tones down the visual excitement that fuels smartphone addiction. It's become a helpful tool in managing my smartphone usage

Screen-free Activities:

Instead of being glued to my phone all the time, I made a conscious choice to engage in different pursuits like having heart-to-heart conversations, playing games, and diving into good books. Stepping away from the screen has given me a fresh perspective, allowing me to appreciate the simple pleasures of life. If you find yourself trapped in the digital vortex, I encourage you to explore screen-free activities – the positive impact on your well-being is truly worth it.

Alternate Communication Ways:

Discovering different ways to connect with friends and family has made a big difference in my life. Instead of just texting or using social media, I started talking to them on the phone or meeting in person. Trust me, it's way better! In my own experience, these alternate ways of communication feel more personal and meaningful. Hearing someone's voice or seeing their face brings a warmth that messages can't capture.

Leave Phones Behind:

Those bright lights and beeping alerts were wrecking my sleep, so I decided to leave my phone in another room overnight. The difference in my sleep quality was amazing! From my own experience, having the phone away from my bedside eliminated the sleep disruptions caused by its lights and sounds. Now, I fall asleep faster and enjoy a more peaceful night.

Uninstalling Useless Apps:

Getting rid of unnecessary apps on my phone was just like tidying up your room – the feeling afterwards was fantastic. I went through my apps and uninstalled the ones I rarely use. Plus, I made sure to log out when I'm not actively using them. This decluttering process made my phone feel lighter and more organized. I no longer had to unnecessarily scroll through a bunch of apps I didn't need.

Phone-free Zones:

Creating phone-free zones in my daily routine has made a huge positive impact in reducing screen time. I've designated certain places, like the dinner table, as no-phone zones. Implementing a "no phones in the bedroom" policy has also improved my sleep. Leaving the phone outside the bedroom helps me unwind without the distractions of notifications and bright screens. It's like setting a peaceful atmosphere for a good night's sleep.

Monitor Progress:

I began tracking the time I spend on my phone, turning it into a little personal challenge, and surprisingly, it became quite fun! After a few weeks, I checked back to see if I made any changes, and guess what? I did! From my own experience, monitoring my phone usage helped me become more aware of how I spend my time. And when I saw the improvements after just a short time, it felt like a small victory.

Pick Up a New Hobby:

I decided to try things like chess and gardening and let me tell you, it's been amazing! Not only is it a fantastic way to take a break from technology, but it has also brought me significant mental health benefits. Diving into a new hobby added a refreshing touch to my daily routine. Whether I'm strategizing moves on the chessboard or nurturing plants in the garden, it's a welcome escape from screen time.

By doing these things, I felt less stressed, more connected to real life, and happier. Overindulging in screen activities can lead to anxiety and loneliness, so cutting back makes a huge difference. Plus, it improved my physical and mental well-being, made me more productive, and enhanced my social interactions. Give it a try, show your might, and take back the helm of your life!